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Making my own Magic

My Kickstarter campaign for my Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle Deck is scheduled to go live on May 3rd!

I believe that we can create our own meaning in our lives. What we do matters; what we feel and who we are matter, but believing and acting on it can be two different things.

When I brainstormed the idea for this deck, my original inspiration was floriography, the Victorian language of flowers. My google searches didn't turn up any decks that already used this theme and it seemed like the perfect idea for an Oracle deck.

Different flowers: each with its own established meanings. I loved the idea of creating a deck of Flower Goddesses, each with their own card and their own mythology.

But, like so many things, as I created the deck, I realized that there was more to this project than the initial prompt. Flowers need roots in the same way that I want roots in a place and time. Flowers blossom in the same way that I want to bloom in my life and with my artwork. Flowers share their fragrance and beauty with the world. They add value wherever they are. I realize that I want to do that too.

I've spent a lot of time in recent years searching for meaning in my life, wanting to put down roots and feel like this is the place where I belong. When I struggle with that, I realize that it doesn't matter where I am, what matters is what I am doing. I belong when I add value to the world around me, when I build connections and when I contribute to the place where I am planted.

I make my own meaning. I can create my own stories. This oracle deck can become the perfect bridge to finding that meaning and creating those stories.

I want very much to share these cards and those stories with you.

There are 48 cards, each featuring its own flower and artwork. I chose a heavy-quality cardstock with a linen finish that makes shuffling a bit easier. The cards will be standard Tarot card sizes: 2.75" by 4.75".

Please click on the link and sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter launches. Apparently, the more people that sign up, the greater the chances that the Kickstarter campaign will succeed.

Please share the campaign with friends that might be interested and on your social media. I don't have the funds for a huge marketing budget so whatever word of mouth we can generate might make all the difference in the success or failure of my little deck.

Thank you to everyone that has been following me on this journey. Your support really makes all the difference. The destination is in sight and I am hopeful that we can reach that goal together!

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