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When Too Much is Too Much

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

2020 has not been an easy burden for any of us to bear. For me, the past twelve months have been a difficult ride of obstacles and traumas. I think I've had more stressors in the past twelve months than I had in the six years previously. Sometimes we have more burdens than we think we can handle.

Crazy thing, though, even as the world piles on more, we still keep going. Sometimes we don't have a choice. In the Quiet at the End of the World, I have even more time to contemplate. Some moments it feels more a curse than a blessing.

The most difficult part, I think, is watching those we love struggle. We can offer support and work all the logical steps, but ultimately we can't wave a wand and fix their problems. We can't get into their heads and reprogram them for health and happiness. Their burden sometimes becomes ours simply because we equate our own happiness with theirs. How can we be content or happy when those we love are genuinely suffering?

There isn't an easy answer here. I don't have a beautiful wrap up for this post. I'm just processing. I'm just maintaining. I keep moving forward because I know that if I drop the pieces, I may never be able to pick them all up again.

What might be lost if I falter? Sometimes we have to be the beast of burden because there is nowhere to safely put down the load. Just know that I'm still here for you if you need me. I can pause. I can listen. We can lean on each other and, maybe, just maybe, feel the pain of our load a little less.

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