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Where do we go from here?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

My Deck of the New Orleans Tarot Cats is finished. Where do I go from here? I've worked on this project for almost two years and it feels strange to no longer have a direction for my art.

Every week, I would create a new card and write the matching blog post, but that is over now. I have ideas. I'm thinking Cemetery Oracle. Or, a flower oracle, Bloom where You're Planted. I've also had an idea for a short form art book.

I want to work on them all so how apropos is it that I drew the Seven of Cups this morning. So many temptations. So many inviting, fun new projects. I'm itching to work on everything. The weather has cooled and the cemeteries are calling. The trees in the forest would love a stroll.

Harvest time is here. Halloween and spookiness are my favorite holiday time. The veil is thinning. I should be connecting with the ancestors and spending time in meditation.

So much I should be doing. So much I could be doing. Everything is arrayed before me and I just need to make a choice. And, that choice cannot be everything.

I definitely need to cut out time for daily yoga and meditation. I need to start journaling regularly again and think deep thoughts about my existence and purpose in the universe. I need to reach out and connect with those that have gone before. Spiritual purpose should be a focus.

Art wise, I think the short form art book is calling. It's a less ambition project and I think I need something less intense for the remainder of the year as I am busy promoting the pre-order of the Deck of the New Orleans Tarot Cats on Indiegogo.

Wishing you all of you peace and focus in the weeks and months ahead. We will get through this together.

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