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The Wind of Change; the God of Transformation

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Because I like to be extra sometimes in my creative process, I wrote a dramatic monologue for Abech as well as the meaning of his card.

You summoned me; brought me to this time and place.

What do you want of me?

Transformation? Change? Call it what you want; we both know the motive is always greed, or ego.

I am Abech. I bring the wind. I bring that change, but think long and hard before you tamper with the plans of the powers that be.

Humans believe themselves better than me. They look down on us even as they come crawling.

Do you wonder why I hate? Why I am embittered? My maker wrecked me for the sake of gibbering monkeys that destroy everything they're gifted or given.

They call me arrogant. Call me: “traitor” or “rebel”. They claim we intended to steal power from our maker.

We did not rebel.

Our maker betrayed us. They demanded we kneel before a handful of hairless monkeys.

Angels like me or Lucifer Morningstar: the first and greatest of our maker's creations. I believed in our mission. I believed in the vision of Lucifer.

Yes, we brought a show of force. We wanted to show our maker how serious we were. Even the divine can make mistakes.

They refused to listen to us; cursed us as rebels and threw us down to the bowels of the earth. I never loved Lucifer more than in the moment of his fall. So beautiful. So pure.

My maker cursed me; taking away my grace, my beauty, even as they gifted me new powers.

I am the wind of change. The god of transformation, but think, human, before you speak. Things will change: swiftly and drastically, but I can't guarantee you'll like it.

The Meaning of the Card of Abech

Abech, a notorious demon of winds, has been whispered about for centuries. Their existence has been documented in various cultures and mythologies, all of which share a common thread - Abech has the ability to manipulate the winds and control the weather. According to legend, Abech was once a powerful angel who rebelled against the divine order and was cast out of Heaven. In their descent, Abech gained control over the elements of the air and became a force to be reckoned with.

Abech is known to summon powerful winds and storms, creating destruction and chaos wherever they go. The creature's powers are so immense that it can take on the form of a giant bird, its wings capable of creating powerful gusts of wind. In other versions of the tale, Abech is a shapeless entity that can inhabit the air itself, making it nearly impossible to detect.

In the realm of divination, the Abech card symbolizes the power of change and transformation. It represents the potential for destruction and chaos, and the ability to control the elements. The card may also represent the power of the winds of change, the ability to bring about transformative events, whether they are positive or negative.

When drawn in a reading, the Abech card may indicate a need to be prepared for change and to be open to new opportunities. It may also signal a warning of potential destruction and chaos, reminding us to be aware of the consequences of our actions. In essence, the card urges us to be mindful of the power of the winds of change and to take steps to mitigate negative consequences.

The Abech card also prompts us to be more open-minded and receptive to change. In our lives, there is always the potential for destruction and chaos. We must learn to take steps to reduce the potential for negative consequences. The Abech card encourages us to embrace change and transformation, harness the power of the winds of change, and use it to our advantage.

Abech is a demon of winds that has become a prominent figure in various mythologies and cultures. Their ability to control the weather and create chaos has made them a symbol of power and transformation. In divination, the Abech card represents the potential for change and the power to control the elements. It urges us to be open-minded, to embrace change, and to be mindful of the consequences of our actions. When we draw the Abech card, we receive a reminder of the transformative power of the winds of change, and the potential for positive growth and development that comes with it.

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