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The Whims of Social Media

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Every time I think that I'm finally understanding or getting the hang of the latest social media craze, something newer, something better, something hotter comes along and I have to start all over again.

I remember when MySpace was all the rage. Then, along came Facebook, then Twittter, then Snapchat, Instagram, TiKTok, each one trumpeting that they are the latest thing. All the cool kids are on our social media. If you don't have an account with us, you are behind the curve!

I know there are more social media sites, like Reddit and YouTube and LinkedIn and Twitch and probably a dozen others. Initially, I tried to keep up, but eventually I admitted defeat. We can't be everywhere and on every platform. I maintain a minimal presence on several of the sites, but I admit it's more than I can handle.

I appreciate that the world is constantly changing. I appreciate that each new social media platform brings something new and fresh to the scene. What I have discovered is that the Algorithm Police on most sites seem to have interesting and strange interpretations on what is acceptable and what is not.

There is something a little unnerving about being sent an automated message that your post has been flagged. I don't tend to post things that I think are controversial or particularly edgy so when I've received these notices, I was a little stunned.

My first such notification came from Facebook, informing me that something I posted was considered Offensive and potentially Obscene. Apparently, Leopard Kitties need to cover up more than I realized.

Fair enough, Facebook. I hate to scandalize the innocent.

My next brush with the social media authorities came in early February of this year. This time, it was TikTok. I post the occasional Tarot reading on TikTok and, apparently, the nudity in the Tarot cards can be emotionally devastating to some.

Admittedly, this one did upset me quite a bit. My TikTok had been growing by leaps and bounds. I'd hit the 10,000 follower mark and my videos were getting well over 600 views or better. When I discovered that any kind of nudity is a "Community Violation" on TikTok, it was too late for me. My channel has yet to recover.

I've picked up a couple thousand more followers but my videos seem to be stuck in the 100-200 view range.

My most recent brush with the Social Media Enforcement Algorithm came just a few days ago. Apparently, I am again making with the Indecency and the Offensiveness. This time, I'd been busted by Instagram.

Considering my shady past, I understand their distrust of me. (ergo, Lavender as the Oracle Card of the Week).

So, called out for transgressions once more.

When will I ever learn?

Never, probably.

I do know to be extra cautious on TikTok. I did violate their policy even if I was unaware of it (nudity on most social media sites is alright so long as it's a piece of artwork).

I might have leaned into my Facebook Shaming a bit by posting a series of risque Ziegfeld Cats, but none of them set off the Facebook Algorithm Police. Sometimes we feel compelled to poke the bear.

Considering how often I've been busted tempting the Social Media Algorithm Fates, I admit to very few regrets and even fewer understandings on how exactly these Algorithms work, or indeed, how social media works in general.

I confess that I fully intend to continue posting my risque images on the various Social Media platforms although I'm not really a Social Media Outlaw or Mastermind. I mostly poke buttons and hope for the best.

My only real takeaway is that Social Media can be entertaining. It can be fun, but we do need to remember to unplug occasionally and take a breath of fresh, undigitalized air.

(Unless you're streaming my videos on YouTube. Please continue to stream away. I could always use the extra watch hours).

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