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The Fresh Promise of a New Day

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Something must end so that something new can begin. Life is a cycle; a series of circles, spiraling in on themselves and then outward once more. My last several blog posts have circled back around on the idea of starting something new; beginning a new path.

The Page of every suit is about new beginnings. She is giddy with plans and potentials. The fresh start beckons, promising unknown adventures ahead. The morning mist still clings to the dewy earth, anything is possible on a day like today.

The past few months have felt like a slow moving disaster. The earth continues to tremble and groan beneath our feet. Every news burst seems to bring tidings of something darker and even more ominous threatening on the horizon.

Like many of you, my life has been thoroughly uprooted. The easy routine of years past is gone. I struggle to find shape and meaning in my daily activities. I've drawn up schedules for projects and social media plans, as if I can control what comes next.

I hold on to my fragile sense of control. I need those lists and that schedule even if it's a mundane list of achievements and accomplishments. It keeps me stable and sane. Like the Page, I scan the road ahead. I make plans. I dream little and I dream big.

Things are changing. Things are ending. Our world may never be the same, but if we hold on, if we maintain, I believe that even as things end, something new will rise in its place.

Until then, I will hold fast to my lists of daily activities. I will follow my schedule. I will plan. I will create and believe in the promise of a better future, a more stable future, when the earth will settle beneath our feet and we can feel a little more settled and a little more safe.

I will believe in the promise of a new journey and a new path. Come with me. Together we will achieve amazing things and build a newer and better world.

I love you and I will continue to believe in the possibilities of us.

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