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The Obscure Art Market

Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in my first Obscure Art Market at Brickyard South, and it was an incredible experience. The market was a refreshing change from the traditional art markets I've participated in over the years. The energy was electric and the sense of community was palpable.

The art scene in Baton Rouge, like many places, is constantly evolving. The pandemic has accelerated this trend, with long-time artists leaving the profession and new faces emerging to take their place. Traditional art markets have become less popular, and new opportunities are arising.

As a festival artist with a decade of experience, I've seen the evolution of the art scene in Baton Rouge firsthand. In the past, the Arts Council of New Orleans and the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge were the dominant players in the local art market. Getting juried into their markets was a rite of passage for local artists, and council-sponsored events such as Fest for All and Perkins Rowe Fest were major draws for artists and crowds alike.

However, over the years, the crowds at these events began to thin and fewer artists participated. The pandemic only accelerated this trend, with most events being postponed or canceled. By the time the markets began to come back in 2022, many artists had moved on to other opportunities. The Arts Councils worked to refill their lists of participating artists, but the level of participation wasn't the same as it was a decade ago.

This shift in the art scene can be a daunting experience for established artists, but it also opens up new opportunities. As the old markets fade away, new venues are emerging, offering fresh prospects for artists to showcase their work. While it's easy to grieve the loss of the familiar, it's important to embrace the change and seize the new opportunities that arise.

The Obscure Art Market is one such opportunity. It's new, fresh, and exciting. It's a reminder that change is something to be embraced, not feared. The art scene is constantly evolving, and as artists, it's our job to adapt and evolve with it. The Obscure Art Market is an excellent example of how wonderful new possibilities can be when we're open to them.

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