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The Power of Story: Where Do You Belong

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We've passed the tipping point. The deck is well on its way.

I will be taking the next week or two to re-work a few of these that I'm not quite satisfied with and I am also going to be taking a little bit of a detour on this project which may end up pushing the finish goal back by a few months.

I've been thinking a lot about the power of story and myth as well as the power of roots and connections in our lives. I've often felt rootless and disconnected; out of sync with the rest of American society buzzing along around me.

Where do I belong? Who are my people? Where can I find my ancestral home? Where do I connect or fit it?

I've explored ancestral work with a little bit of success but I know something is missing. I need to explore the power of story and personal myth in my own life as well as in this deck.

Flowers have roots. Flowers can bloom where they are planted. I want to dig into that as part of the totality of this deck. I realize that I need to go deeper.

So I am will be devoting the next few weeks to re-doing a few of these cards even as I dig into myths. I have books by Sharon Blackie, Lora O'Brian as well as Stephen Fry. I will be immersing myself in their myths and stories and absorbing the shapes of such stories and potentially spending a little time working at my own personal mythology and the stories of these flowers and how they belong where they are planted.

Bloom Where You are Planted. Find those roots and absorb your connection with the earth, here and everywhere.

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