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No Piece of Art is every Finished, Merely Abandoned

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

I've reached the tipping point of the Oracle deck that I've been working on. I knew this is the perfect time to take a honest look at what I've created so far and see if I am happy with the direction my deck is taking.

I still intend to explore the idea of myth within the framework of "Blooming Where You're Planted". It's the beginnings of an idea and I'm not really ready to start articulating how that will grow. I'm immersing myself in myths and stories as I think on the idea of creating stories around my oracle cards.

We're in the process of creation and sometimes we're not quite sure where or how we need to grow to emerge fully into the promise of sunlight, but it's a wonderful journey and I am enjoying every twist and turn.

I did take a careful look through the oracle cards I've finished thus far. When I began, I was not certain how the deck would evolve and the thematic similarities that would exist between the cards. It's an art series, after a fashion, and I prefer that they feel like they belong together. In my earliest pieces, I was still searching for that style so I've gone and remade five of those early ones.

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