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Finding Our Path

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I posted last week about struggling with a decision, about trying to find my new path. My festivals and markets are on indefinite hold so what do I do with my time? I've drawn up an organized plan for social media posts and activities but it doesn't resonate with my creative soul.

I dreamed about spiral paths, crossing and re-crossing, moving up and over one another, merging and blending and then moving apart in brilliant colors and patterns. I like the appeal of that, moving and changing and following my interest of the moment. I tend to be a linear thinker and creator: focusing and completing one task at a time.

Maybe it's time to change that. Maybe it's time to treat my creativity as less of a task and more of an adventure, spiraling up and away in unknown and amazing ways.

The beginning of any path is a bit like an adventure; your creative energy is fresh and pawing eagerly at the ground. You want nothing more than to be off in a burst and running excitedly down your chosen path. Which is wonderful, but eventually that new energy and enthusiasm starts to wane. You slow down. You look back doubtfully at what you've done and wonder if you really want to stay on this path.

I get that. Maybe the spiral path is the perfect approach. Taking luminous and colorful threads and looming them loosely together; into some crazy jumbled ethereal quilt of creative joy and fun.

I love the idea of this very much. My dream self may be onto something although I'm not certain how to work it on a more practical level. Still, I'm at the starting point of a new journey, maybe time to sprout some new creative wings and try spiraling up and out and over.

Mad love to you all.

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