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A New Year, a New Blog Post at long last

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The madness of the holiday season has passed and the calm of a new year has begun. I am enjoying some downtime and am back to working on my Tarot project.

This year I am starting my Tarot card work with the fives from each suit. The fives are a caution to us to look carefully at the structure of our lives and our relationships. We need to be seeking balance and control if we truly want harmony and happiness in our lives. The fives tend toward conflict, distrust and power issues.

The Five of Cups comes to us at a time when we are wallowing in loss. The holidays, the end of a year, so much stress, so much emotion, too much opportunity to think that we have wasted our time and our resources.

We have suffered. We are grieving. We are lost in self pity. Negativity is our strongest emotion. How can we put the bitterness and the regret behind us? Look at everything we have lost. Spilled like wasted wine in the street. 2019 broke us.

It can be hard to put the old hurts and losses aside. We have lost. We deserve to grieve, but we cannot wallow.

We still have so much. We are full of potential and promise. We possess gifts and value. 2020 beckons with promise, new opportunities, new adventures. Put aside your pain. Center. Breathe. Concentrate on the good things in your life.

We can move ahead. We can make a new path. We will work through our pain and our trauma, together.

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