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Moving On, Moving Forward

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Everything that could be moved, has been moved. Everything is still a mess, loads of things unsorted and not put away, but I believe that when the work is done, it will all be well worth our time and energy.

I let my Tarot project sit the past few weeks as I needed those spoons for other things, but I believe that I am moving out of the darkness. The veil is thinning and it is time to say good bye to things that no longer serve us and to make our peace with the people in our life that proved toxic.

Let that go. Let the pain go. Even though they hurt me, holding on to the anger and bitterness hurts me more than it bothers them. They know what they did and I know that they aren't the people that I thought they were. Wrapping yourself in Bible verses doesn't make you a good person.

I want to go deeper, to connect with the eddies of energies and learn to make my peace with the wrongs of the past. I need to let go of that which does not serve me and connect with those things that matter.

I've had to close those doors but marvelous new paths will reveal themselves as I put that past behind me and move forward. I forgive those who have wronged me but will no longer allow that toxicity to affect my life.

Moving on. Moving forward. I promise to stop yawning and seriously consider the opportunities before me.

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