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A Dream of Snakes (and other Phallic Symbolism)

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The Three of Wands tells us that we are at the height of our powers. We've established ourselves: our plans, our lives, our dreams are growing and thriving. Hard work and time have blossomed into the beautiful truth of our reality. Our potential bears fruit.

A good card with lots of positive imagery and promise, but also very full of phallic symbolism and energy.

A few nights ago, I dreamt a gender switch, in which I was a male apprentice magician. My mentor had given me access to his workshop as well as giving me a generous stipend in gold. My task was to craft and create my own wand.

I took the gold and bought my girlfriend an exquisitely delicate gold chain necklace. Our anniversary was approaching and I knew how she loved beautiful things. I knew the workshop would be full of resources and magical supplies that I could use to craft my wand.

I went up to the workshop and started work, using primarily snakeskin and fangs (all the phallic symbolism. ALL of it).

The wand started to take form, serpentine and firm, in my hands, long and intricate, ending with a snakes head at one end. It coiled and moved. Suddenly it leaped from hands and landed on the counter, swallowing the long gold chain I'd purchased for my girlfriend.

The Snake Wand undulated and absorbed the gold, metamorphing into a long, hard wand: all green, shot through with metallic gold, ending in the snake head with glittering ruby eyes. My wand was truly a thing of beauty, but I felt a sinking feeling in my gut. I no longer had a gift for my girlfriend and no monetary means left to purchase her another. She would not be happy.

I woke up with that sinking feeling lingering my mind. When had I started to associate power and achievement with the masculine and avarice and helplessness with the feminine? Why give all the positive qualities to my animus while my feminine self lingers waiting to be cared for?

Power and achievement are wonderful things, but those qualities are just as available to the divine feminine as they are to the masculine. I need to remember that essential truth even as a work to bloom where I am planted.

Also, I really want that snake wand. Some days it's so hard to just be a muggle.

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