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In the Victorian language of flowers, the Yellow Tulip means "SUNSHINE IN YOUR SMILE"


This lovely Yellow Tulip Floral Lady was created as part of my Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle series.


With the Yellow Tulip, your smile lights up the room. You bring your own positive energy with you wherever you. When are others are preaching doom and gloom, you persist in seeing the bright side of the situation.


You act impulsively because you want to try everything. Each new shiny calls to you more seductively and enthusiastically than the last. If a new journey presents itself, you are ready to walk down the path, eager to see where it leads. With your spontaneity, you don't always have a well thought out plan. Your excitement carries away your better sense.


You possess a gift for connecting with your inner creative self, really relishing the whimsical play of your inner child. You are always ready to play and explore.


Your curious mind takes you places and on adventures that others hesitate to start. You find now a good time to open yourself up to your intuition and really connect with your inner spiritual well. You are open to all experiences, especially the spiritual ones with all their deep potential.


Exploring new levels of consciousness calls to you on a primal level. Remember to plan carefully before setting out or getting in too deep.


While your passion is captivating, when your plans go awry, you are sometimes unprepared and even surprised that anything could possibly go wrong. Cultivate some practicality but don't let anything dim the sunshine in your soul.


Yellow TULIP floral Goddess aka Surreal Human Woman Flower

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