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In the Victorian language of flowers, the yellow Jasmine means "Grace and elegance". 


This Surreal Floral Lady was created as part of my Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle Series.


With the Yellow Jasmine, you move with grace and elegance toward stabilizing your energies. The life force of the Universe flows effortlessly through you. Your life is on track as you've found the perfect blend of balance and order.


Even in the midst of chaos and upheaval, you manage to remain calm. When the situation seems frantic, still you maintain your emotions. While others are fraying around the edges, you remain an oasis of tranquility.


You respect moderation and the middle path which has allowed you to achieve serenity when others may be panicking.


You develop a reputation as a peacemaker as you are willing to listen to all sides with objectivity and clarity. You advise compromise and compassion, getting others to work together. You know that collaboration can bring amazing results as a mix of talents, skills and abilities can achieve more than just one person, no matter how talented, acting alone.


You possess a clear, long-term vision of your journey. You know that difficulties and obstacles will arise but you know that you will get through them and to the other side. Upheaval is inevitable but you can weather any storm. You are grace in motion. Your elegance is a pleasure to behold.


Yellow JASMINE floral Goddess aka Surreal Human Woman Flower

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