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In the Victorian language of flowers, the White Jasmine means "Sweet Love". 


This Surreal Floral Lady was created as part of my Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle series.


With the White Jasmine, you've reached a place of peace in your life. You feel whole and calm. Your relationships with others have never felt so fulfilling or nurturing. You are basking in a time of harmony and love where it seems that all your wishes are coming true. Breathe in these moments. Appreciate how special this time is.


You've established a connection with tribe and friends and families that you may have dreamed possible. Trust in your heart and your feelings. Believe that your inner self wants you to align with the great force of love in the Universe.


When you feel this good, continue to explore this path. Allow your inner divinity to guide you as you move forward. Pursue the path that calls to you and aligns with your highest power instead of following the road that others may expect you to take.

White JASMINE floral Goddess aka Surreal Human Woman Flower

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