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Little Palmer Panda whined to his mother that he didn't want to go visit the portrait photographer. 


"It isn't fair," he insisted. "Everyone else gets to stay in the forest and eat bamboo. Why do I have to go and wear this stupid hat?"


His mother sighed, running low on patience. Certainly, she was delighted with the way he'd grown so much from his birth weight of three ounces but as he put on the pounds, he'd put on the attitude.


She breathed deeply and promised a special bamboo treat on the way home. 


Palmer still pouted, refusing to put on the hat; treat or not treat. The photographer and the mother shared a moment of exasperated eye rolling and the photographer took the picture.


His mother smiled happily as the photograph developped, thinking that all the fuss and bother were worth it after all.


Victorian boy portrait Panda bear anthro art 


Victorian PANDA BEAR boy as anthro art portrait

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