Lydia and Lynette grew up knowing what they were; what they might become. 


Although schooled in all the niceties of Victorian society: how to dress, how to behave, when to smile and when to frown slightly. They knew how to flirt, how to dance and how to be aloof and reserve when the occasion demanded it.


But Lydia and Lynette were not your ordinary Victorian ladies. Inside of each crouched their true essense, howling and pacing, waiting impatiently for the rising of the Full Moon.


The sisters never asked their father where he found the human hearts that he brought home each month, but they ate them because they knew what would happen if they didn't. 


They would transform and perhaps infect others with their lycanthropy. Part of them longed to unleash their inner wolf, but they retained their Victorian sensiblities enough that they were determined not to kill or injure another innocent soul.


Victorian lady woman sister corset fashion werewolf tale anatomical heart

Victorian Ladies and a Tale of Werewolf Hearts