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Four years had painted their love story in vibrant hues, but also worrying streaks of crimson. The jealousy, once a serpent whispering in the shadows, had grown into a monstrous hydra, rearing its ugly heads at the slightest perceived threat. A friendly chat with a coworker, a lingering hug from a distant relative, even a compliment on social media – each sparked a storm of accusations and possessiveness that left Clara emotionally battered.


Yet, Miles, the master of apologies, navigated these storms with practiced ease. Tears flowed freely, promises of therapy renewed, and the blame neatly shifted onto external factors. Clara, ever the empath, found herself swept up in this emotional whirlwind, clinging to the hope of calmer waters ahead. They "worked through it," they convinced themselves, brushing the scars aside as mere bumps on the road to happily ever after.


Little did she know, a new storm was brewing, a hurricane disguised as an escape from a leaky roof. Their cramped rental, with its creaky floorboards and moldy corners, had become a battleground of frustration. When Miles presented the solution – moving in with him and his child, a spacious house with room for everyone – Clara saw it as a beacon of hope, a chance to build a stronger foundation for their love.


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