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The image of the tentacle  Zebra animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. 


The Zebra is a very social animal, living in small family units that are part of a much larger herd. Each animal has a unique stripe pattern that is as unique as a finger print. If a predator attacks one, the family unit will come to its aid.


As social animals, we work best when we have an emotional support system, when we have people, family and friends that we know will come to our rescue when we are in need.


Like the Zebra, we wear our unique stripes with pride. We are each on our own journey, longing for freedom, longing to kick up our heels and find our bliss


Don't lose your free spirit. Don't feel like you must corral or lock it away. Even in the Quiet at the End of the World, we can search for outlets for that fierce inner energy.


Shake off your restraints. Don't let them control you any longer. Embrace your inner Zed. Run free. Run far. The wind is calling.

The Zed - Tentacle Zebra Animal Spirit

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