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The image of the Puggle animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. 


The Woof gives the impression of something small and helpless; something that must be cradled and protected because sometimes we need to assume the role of protector and guardian; to champion the cause of those who cannot champion themselves.


The Puggle is a nouveau “designer breed” of dog: what you get when you cross the pug and the beagle. They are small and highly portable. They tend not to bark or demand attention as many small breeds do. They are sociable and are generally loving and patient, even with small children.


Yet the Woof is helpless; adorable, but helpless. They can't fend for themselves. Their neediness is an endless road.


We are a society. We are a tribe. We need the survivalists; the strong; the independent and the powerful, but just as much, we need the Woof. We must remember that everyone has needs. Everyone deserves care and compassion.


We can't turn the puggle out into the streets and forests to fend for itself. The Woof needs us and we need the Woof.

The Woof - Puggle Puppy Dog Animal Spirit

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