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The image of the Gazelle animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. This version comes without writing.


Be in the moment. Embrace spontaneity and quick thought. You may be trudging along, happy and content in your rut, the Spiral calls to you to stop and hop up and away. Bound in directions you never thought possible or considered. Move at the speed of thought.


The Addra Gazelle is a critically endangered gazelle found in small populations in remote areas of Africa. They are subject to much poaching and little protection. They are the largest of the gazelle species and are involved in breeding programs in both Europe and North America, but these programs are working with a small population and are in danger of much inbreeding.


Over the millennia, the Gazelle adapted perfectly to its environment. Its long legs allow it to dissipate heat and it can withstand long periods of drought. They've learned a behavior called pronking which involves the animal jumping up and down on its legs to warn other members of the herd of imminent danger.


The Addra Gazelle moves quickly to survive. The Spiral is the card of the Creative who is willing to take leaps in faith as well as learning. Sometimes we plod along, unable to see anything other than what is right in front of us. Sometimes we are locked into our programming. We just keep trudging down the well worn path, but then comes the Spiral.


Leap. Move. Break away from the narrow way. Run into the future. Take your ideas and move them forward. Journey to a new path. Find a new way. Spiral up and up, learning and growing, evolving to meet the brave new world that lays ahead.

The Spiral -Tentacle Horned Gazelle Spirit Animal

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