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The image of the Tentacle Sloth animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. 


Enjoy the Slow pace. Embrace the mantra of doing absolutely nothing, going nowhere, accomplishing nothing. You are not worthy of love because of what you produce. You are worthy of love because you are.


The modern Sloth is found in Central and South America. They spend almost all their time in the trees as on the ground they must drag themselves from one spot to another. However, they are surprisingly strong swimmers (did you know there were once marine sloths?)


Spend some time with you. Look inside and remember who you once were before the insane rush of the modern day world got in the way. Who is that inner child and what would they like to do today? Play a game of croquet? Watch anime? Bake cookies? Pick one and indulge.


The Slow reminds us that we are valuable. We are not what we produce. We are valuable for who we are inside. Love yourself a little more today and complete absolutely nothing.

The Slow - Tentacle Sloth Animal Spirit

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