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The image of the Red Panda animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. This version comes without writing.


There is an ancient belief that millennia ago, aliens (aka Redbeards) came down from the stars and were instrumental in advancing our civilizations. They helped build the pyramids. They helped create Atlantis (but were unable to stop the inevitable downfall). Stranded among us, they intermarried with our kind and remnants of their genes can still be seen in the modern human redhead. Certainly this makes for interesting story fodder.


The Red Panda is found, also interestingly enough, in the Himalayas and in the areas surrounding Nepal. Nepal is the alleged home to the fable cities of Kathmandu and Shangri-La where great knowledge and enlightenment may be found by the seeker.


The world, physical and metaphysical, is full of things that we don't understand but desperately want to.


Spend some time in solitary reflection and meditation. Go deeper. Open your many lidded eyes as does the Red and find the answers that you need. Lift aside the veil and gaze deeply into the heart of the unknown.

The Red Panda Spirit Animal

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