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The image of the Rooster / Chicken animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. This version comes without writing.


Embrace your innate power. Acknowledge that in a dangerous situation, someone has to take control. Someone needs to be the leader and make the decisions. Someone needs to take responsibility for protecting the weak and the helpless.


The Peck steps forward, crowing his willingness to take the responsibility on. The Peck will lead. The Rooster will gather his flock and make certain that the small and the helpless are not carried off by the circling predators.


Take control of the situation. Protect the young chicks from their own potential foolishness. Crow forth the truth whenever possible. The vulnerable sometimes just don't have the strength to protect themselves. The gullible just can't help falling for misinformation. The unwise sometimes fall prey to a likely sounding scam.


The Peck fights against this with every ferocious feather that they possess. Reasonable advice may fall on deaf ears. The truth is never as pretty or as comforting as we want it to be. The Rooster isn't afraid to be unpopular. They've taken over the role of guardian and will do what needs to be done.


The vulnerable and the helpless may not appreciate the work of the Peck. The gullible may fight every step of the way as they are dragged toward truth.


The Rooster accepts the difficult responsibility of the new Pecking order.

The Peck - Tentacle Rooster Spirit Animal

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