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The image of the Crow / Raven animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. 


Over the millennia, the Crow has gotten an unfair reputation for being the bearer of bad news. The Crow is indeed a messenger between our World and the Next. Don't blame the messenger if it was news that you didn't want to hear.


The Crow doesn't possess the beautiful singing of other bird species. The plumage of the Crow isn't resplendent with vibrant color. The Crow does not need to be like every other bird.


The Crow is something more. Highly intelligent and adaptable, Crows are found in most of the world. They live in large close-knit groups, The Murder. In northern territories, they will gather at night in groups of tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands for warmth.


The Murder reinforces the knowledge that we are all interconnected. We need one another to survive, to share information, and to reinforce our boundaries. Work with your inner Crow. Know that you can connect with those around you. You help them. They help you. We can share resources and help one another when we need it most.

The Murder - Crow Animal Spirit

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