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The image of the koala bear animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. 


The Koala Bear is primarily a solitary animal (just as you don't need to be afraid to be alone.) They sleep as many as 18 too 22 hours a day. What sort of visions might the Munch experience? How much can we learn as we leave this world and travel in Other Worlds? Does the Koala climb its way slowly onto the Astral Plane, marinating in the Unseen and the Unknown? How tightly might the Munch hold on to that Wisdom with its two opposable thumbs (per hand!)?


The marsupial Munch possesses a pouch, a place to hold all the knowledge that it learns on its long journeys. Even as you travel, try to remember what you've learned. Hold onto your knowledge like the Munch. Keep a journal of your impressions. Hold on to what you experienced. Go over it, gleaning new wisdom with each re-reading or re-telling.


We journey into Other worlds in meditation and when we travel on shamanic journeys or on vision quests. Just as the Munch is solitary, some paths we must take alone.

The Munch - Koala Bear Animal Spirit Third Eye

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