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The image of the Rainbow Tentacle kitty cat animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. 


If you've watched a cat in action, you know how uncanny are their abilities. They will find a way into that cabinet. They will squeeze through impossible openings. They will launch themselves into the air and albeit fly, weightless, to unbelievable heights. To have coexisted with a cat is to have known the astonishing; to have learned that the impossible is not beyond the reach of the Meow.


Even as they move with self assurance and self reliance, the Meow still craves the company of other members of its tribe. We can be pure brilliance. We can make split second decisions based on our own intuition, but we still want the reassurance of those we love.


The Meow knows that being self sufficient doesn't mean that you must be a solitary island. You can love and be loved even as you achieve greatness on your own. We always circle back to the arms of those we care for most.

The Meow - Tentacle Rainbow Cat Animal spirit

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