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The image of the Barn Owl animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. 


Take your time. Enjoy some perspective. Hang back and think about what you are truly seeing; what you are actually experiencing. Think long and hard. Use your inner capacity for wisdom and consider carefully.


The Barn Owl thrives, found in most of the known world. The Owl possesses the capacity for surviving in almost every clime, just as you contain the capacity to flourish if you give yourself a fair chance.


Just like the Barn Owl, step back and look around you. See clearly. Take in your surroundings. Is everything as it should be? Is this the space and place you want to be in?


You can see with sharp Owl eyes. Assess and weigh carefully. This is the Apocalypse. If anything is going to permanently change for the better, you need to see clearly and make those adjustments.


Take off your Mask. Don't hide from yourself. Turn off the background drone of critical voices. Just be you with a Mask of insecurity or vanity. Our Masks both protect us and separate us from the world. Wear the physical mask for protection but remove the metaphorical one. Stop hiding your truth from the world.

The Mask - Barn Owl Animal spirit

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