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The image of the Hyena animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. 


Work with the Hyena. Find your place of humor. Sometimes we need to pop a swollen head of pride or out of control ego, especially that in ourselves. The best way is to remember the times we have been foolish or wrong. Try to reframe them in a positive way. There is humor there if we are willing to search for it.


Just as we shouldn't let our ego control us, sometimes we need to remember our flaws and release them. We don't need to be ashamed of the dark places in ourselves. Expose them to the light of the Laugh. Shame can only control us if we let it hold on to its power.


We're in the middle of an Apocalypse. If we can't Laugh now, we never will again.

Be loyal to your pack. Love your Mother. Find the fun.


The Laugh gives a warm belly lesson to us all.

The Laugh - Hyena Animal spirit

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