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The image of the Wolf animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. 


Embrace that sense of inner power. You have deep recesses of strength and ability. Tune out the negative voices in your head that would have you believe otherwise. The Hunger is a power unlike any other.


If you've ever seen a Jaguar pacing restlessly in its enclosure at a zoo, then you've seen their barely contained power and Hunger. Given any chance, they will explode out of that cage and toward freedom.


Cultivate your Hunger. Work with your inner reserves of power. You are so much. Don't allow your ferocity free rein. Sometimes that fire burns brightly, but take care not to allow it to consume you from within.


You burn brightly in the dark jungle of the Apocalypse. We need your untapped power now more than ever.

The Hunger - Tentacle Jaguar Animal spirit

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