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The image of the White Wolf animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. 


Wolves are a social species. They travel in packs, working together for their own common good. They work as a unit to protect the young and to forage for food, but not all wolves travel with a pack. Not all wolves follow a leader and allow their thinking to be done for them.


Some wolves travel alone. Some must survive difficult trials without help and without guidance. Some wolves were created in a different mold. If you have love, if you have support, so much the better, but some roads must be walked alone.


Look within. Find that reserve of inner strength. You are more resilient and more resourceful than you ever thought possible.


We need you. We need wisdom. We need guidance. We need the White Wolf that can survive the harrowing and emerge from the lonely places and share with us the truths. We need your words. We need to know what you have learned and what you can teach us. We need, more than anything, to hear your Howl of wisdom.

The Howl - White Wolf Animal spirit

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