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The image of the Rabbit animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. 


Embrace the innate earthiness in yourself. The Rabbit is the ultimate symbol of the Earth. Given the chance, the Rabbit will multiply and prosper across the globe. The Rabbit refuses to stay in a box. The Rabbit refuses to accept your labels. They will just Hop out and carry merrily on their way.


The Rabbit is adorable. The Rabbit is cuddly and cozy. The Rabbit knows the importance of not trying to fight a battle that you can't win. Sometimes you just need to snuggle up and indulge your senses and sometimes you need to escape from a difficult situation as quickly as possible. The Hop is all these things. They are your touchstone of security in a hostile world.

The Hop - Bunny Rabbit Animal spirit

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