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Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there was a goddess named Pineappa. She was the goddess of the herb pineapple sage, and was known for her sweet and playful nature. The villagers would often see her dancing among the pineapple sage fields, her laughter filling the air. She would bless the crops, making sure they would grow plump and juicy. The villagers would leave offerings of pineapple sage at her feet, in hopes that she would continue to bless their crops. Pineappa was also known for her healing powers, using the herb to cure ailments of the mind and body. The villagers would often come to her for help and guidance, and she would always help them with a kind and gentle touch. Her legacy lived on through the herb that bore her name, and Pineappa was remembered as a beloved and cherished goddess.

The Goddess of Pineapple Sage

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