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The image of the orangutan (ape / monkey) animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. 


The Ginger reminds us of the strong bond between mother and child. Just as the Orangutan cradles her child with patient love, Mother nature enfolds us, waiting patiently as we flounder about, seemingly oblivious to the pain we cause her; to the damage we've done.


Seek out the Ginger. Create a bond with the muse of Mother Nature. Take a long walk. Spend a weekend communing in the forest. Her Love is strong. Her Love is patient. Her Wisdom waits for you.


Connect with the Ginger in yourself and immerse yourself in that eternal wisdom. You are more. Your roots extend deeply into your past and the past of those who came before you. Drink in that knowledge with the thirst of a thousand trees. Be as wise and ageless as the Ginger sage.

The Ginger - Tentacle Orangutan Animal Spirit

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