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Watch your back. Someone may be scheming your downfall. Someone may be planning a betrayal. Be prepared for anything.


Even those you believed you could trust may not be as they seem. Think long and hard before confiding your thoughts and feelings. Hold tightly anything that could be used against you.


Most often, the element of fire appears burning and bright before us, unable to hide the truth of its incandescence.


When Flauros appears, nothing is as it seems. Be cautious. Be watchful. The most peaceful face may hide a volcanic nature. Do not be taken unawares.


Watch the leopard pace. Gaze into his burning eyes. The leopard is beautiful but so dangerous. All velvety softness over a shell of steel; teeth and claws always at the ready. Do not turn your back to him.


New Orleans Washington Square leopard feline wild cat

The Fallen of Fire and Fury: Flauros in New Orleans

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