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The image of the Fennec Fox animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. This version comes without writing.


The Fennec Fox is clever and small, surviving in the difficult conditions of the Sahara Desert. They keep their packs small and efficient, working together in the hot air environment in order to survive.


The Ear knows that change may be scary, but ultimately, change can be good for us. We learn how adept we can be. We learn how adaptable and resourceful we can be.


Our pack needs us. We can perk up The Ear and navigate this difficult new terrain. The Apocalypse may have landed us in the suffocating heat of the Sahara but we are clever. We are not afraid to stand up for ourselves and our pack if we need to.


If the situation calls for a ruse or misdirection, if it's smarter to lay low and go to ground, we can do that too. The Ear stays open, reading the situation carefully and formulating the best plan, the smart plan, the one that gets us through the Apocalypse and to the dawn of a new age.

The Ear - Fennec Fox Spirit Animal

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