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How angry are you? How deep does the fury within you go? How much have you suppressed and pushed down in the name of peace? At what point do you lose control and everything burst out in one flaming breath?


How quickly do you transform from a calm scene to fiery dragon mode?


Carmas brings flame and fury. He possesses a burning passion that seems unsafe and overwhelming. When you feel those layers of anger starting to form. When you force yourself to take deep breaths in a futile attempt to cool down your inner rage, know that you cannot maintain this false calm for much longer.


With Carmas, we are like the slumbering volcano. All may appear tranquil but under that placid surface, the lava is seething, boiling, ready to explode.


Find a way to vent that anger in a healthier manner. Saving it all up to blow at one unsuspecting person at just the wrong moment is not the healthy way to manage your emotions.


When Carmas appears in a reading, he reminds us that the element of fire burns in us all, but we can learn to channel and control it in healthy, positive ways.



Victorian art anthro fallen angel fire element demon spirit photograph portrait boy antlers claws Esplanade Avenue New Orleans

The Card of Carmas the Fallen Angel of Fire on Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans

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