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The modern world can be a cold and dehumanizing place. As we distance ourselves from our fellow humans, we can feel ourselves closing down our emotions. The more we create distance, the more difficult it become to connect and the spiral of loneliness begins to feed itself.


We can connect with others via social media, but sometimes that doesn't quite satisfy the emptiness in our hearts. We can find wholeness within ourselves, but we are humans. We are crafted as social animals and we long to make those connections, but as you've created more space around you and away from others, you aren't certain how to fill your social needs.


Chariel is both a spirit of air and water. Air tells us that we can logic our way out of difficult situations, but water reminds us that we still possess feelings and emotions. Chariel can you help you find that balance that you crave.


Reach out to them when you're feeling cut off and lonely. Make connections. Find a way to fill that part of your soul that wants and needs other people in their life.



Victorian art anthro Ziegfield Follies pin up girl lady woman dance dancer

Chariel the Fallen in New Orleans Audubon Park

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