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The image of the Siamese Cat animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. This version comes without writing.


The Siamese Cats of ancient times guarded the Pharaoh and the royal family. While they possess all the traits of their species: grace, cunning, intelligence and beauty, in the Blue those become something more.


Time is a spiral. In this time of rapid change and apparent inertia, try meditating on the source of eternity. The Blue calls you to travel to other times and other worlds. The Blue invites you to cultivate a sense of wide gazing perspective. Open yourself to all the possibilities of your inner divinity. You, like the Blue, are so much more than what you seem. You are a piece of the Universe becoming aware of its own potential.


Gaze deeply into those pools of Blue. Find the serenity and the calm of eternity. Gird yourself with the elegant strength of the Siamese. You are more than just a brain in a meat suit. You are a small piece of an infinite whole.


The divine shines through you, mirrored in the eyes of the Blue.

The Blue - Siamese Cat Spirit Animal

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