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The image of the Raccoon animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. This version comes without writing.


Find your inner cunning. You are innovative and clever. You can find solutions that no one else even dreamed of.


The Raccoon is intelligent and unexpected. Society portrays them as underhanded and sneaky, but sometimes life requires us to play a subtle hand. We have to approach our goal with misdirection. We have to be resourceful to survive.


The world is made for the strong and the powerful. The Bandit refuses to play by those rules. The Raccoon outsmarts and outmaneuvers them. He looks at a problem from every angle and figures out the best solution.


Use the power of your intellect and find a solution. Be creative. Be the misfit. Be different, but hold your cards close to your chest. Use strategy to achieve what must be achieved.


The Raccoon doesn't flourish by possessing the sharpest teeth or the longest claws. He flourishes because he is a brilliant strategist. Intelligence for the win.


The Bandit - Raccoon Spirit Animal in a Plague Doctors Mask

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