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The image of the Panda Bear animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. 


The Panda Bear is strong, dignified, and calm. The Bamboo represents the comforts of home and a sense of abundance.


Work with the Bamboo. Find that inner sense of power. Develop your innate strength. Groom yourself with dignity. Stand firm and strong. Establish your boundaries. Don't let anyone: your loved ones, your own sense of guilt, or the outer world, breach those walls.


You deserve a sanctuary. You deserve a space to call your home. Surround yourself with a sense of abundance. Fill your lair with the things you love. Cultivate surroundings that make you feel happy. Select items that bring you comfort.


It's your refuge. You deserve to feel safe and joyful there. The Bamboo reminds us that home is where love is: within you and around you. Be the strong, powerful, and calm that is the Panda Bear.

The Bamboo - Panda Bear Animal Spirit

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