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The image of the Lamb / sheep animal spirit from my Oracle Deck: Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse. This version comes without writing.


Embrace your sense of wonder. Make contact with your inner child.


Lambs are sweet and innocence. They approach every day with playful anticipation. All things and any thing is possible.


Over the course of our lives we lose that part of ourselves. We lose our childish innocence. We lose our belief that wonderful things will meet us on our journey. Too much has happened. We've lost too much. We've been hurt too many times.


We've lost our ability to trust. We've grown jaded and cynical. Our focus has become about work and the daily grind. Play has lost its importance in our lives.


Work with the Baaa. Remember how important the small things were. How much pleasure the simple things brought you. We change. We evolve, but some parts of us shouldn't be left behind on the rubbish heap.


Go back for your innocence. Go back for your sense of wonder. Embrace who you were even as you embrace who you've become.


The Baaa - Lamb Spirit Animal

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