When I started work on this piece, I felt like I was channeling the spirit of my grandmother.

My grandmother was Romani, but brought up on the fringes of her culture. Her biological mother died of pneumonia shortly after she arrived in America, and shortly after giving birth to my gradmother. My grandmother's biological father left my grandmother with a distant cousin, taking my grandmother's older sister with him. He promised to send for her, or come back for her. He didn't.

My grandmother was deeply loved. The woman that became her mother never had any biological children of her own. She lost her husband shortly after my grandmother came into her life. My grandmother was her world, but the two of them were isolated, struggling to make a living in a small Pennsylvania town by turning their home into a boarding house. My great grandmother made a little money on the side with fortune telling, reading the Tarot cards or performing a little palmistry.

The Evil Eye is an important concept in Romani culture. It's a talisman believed to repel evil spirits and protect the wearer from malevolence.

This talisman is large. The locket focal is over 1.5 inches in diameter. 

The glass eye is truly beautiful. It was originally intended to be used in a carousel horse so the detailing is exquisite.

The metal I've used is brass with a silver plate overlay. The locket itself has already developed a beautiful patina.

To pull the beautiful color all through the length of the piece, I've used a mix of high quality blue and black Czechoslovakian glass beads to create a chain 30 inches in length.

I created this piece under the influence of the waxing moon, a time to start new projects, a time for positive energy, a time for new beginnings.

A necklace you'll reach for time and time again. Made with a love for all things beautiful, here at Victorian Minx.

Talisman GLASS EYE NECKLACE beaded carousel horse gypsy boho steampunk

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