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In the Victorian language of flowers, the Sweet Pea means "DELICATE PLEASURE". 


This surreal floral lady was created as part of my Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle Series.


Love can come in many forms: all of them significant. A romantic connection with a twin flame or soul mate can be the basis for one of the longest relationships of your life. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Be open. Be honest. Communication and vulnerability are the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Always try to disagree with compassion and kindness as your guide.


Friendship, a connection of equals, brings with it respect and love; a supportive shoulder for the best and the worst of times. Disagreements can come and go, but your harmonious kinship remains.


Love of self is the one relationship that you cannot afford to neglect. Remember to care for self and avoid negative self talk. The journey of self-discovery can be the sweetest and most rewarding experience of your life.



SWEET PEA floral Goddess aka Surreal Human Woman Flower

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