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In the Victorian language of love, the red Tulip means "Declaration of Love". 


Created as part of my Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle Series.


With the Red Tulip, the flower of love is opening. You are creating strong connections. Your partnership blooms as you share dreams and values. Your love may be in an early stage, but the potential sparkles around the two of you. With a relationship founded on respect and understanding, you sense a bridge building between the two of you: something solid and long lasting.


This connection blossoms with the mania of spring. The attraction between you brings butterflies to your belly and to your soul. The two of you meet on a higher plane, your connection transcending the physical. You bring out the best in one another, being loyal and steadfast in your affections.


The Red Tulip can mean a more permanent commitment: look for exclusivity or even moving in together. If you're further in your partnership, look for a proposal as your feelings blossom into true love and marriage.


Red TULIP floral Goddess aka Surreal Human Woman Flower

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