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Sir Lester of Nevermore was an anthropomorphic panda living in the age of steampunk. He was a successful businessman, known for his sharp mind and his ability to close deals. One day, Sir Lester was setting off on an important business trip aboard a train. He had an important meeting with a potential client to discuss a large deal. Sir Lester was confident that he would close the deal, but he had no idea what was in store for him. On the way to the meeting, the train was hijacked by a group of bandits who were after a valuable cargo on the train. Sir Lester quickly took charge of the situation and using his quick thinking and resourcefulness he was able to outsmart the bandits and save the valuable cargo. His bravery and determination impressed the client and he closed the deal with him. Sir Lester returned home as a hero and his legend as a successful businessman and a hero lived on.

Portrait of a Steampunk Panda

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