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Lady Jane Obsidian was an anthropomorphic tuxedo cat living in the age of steampunk. She was a brilliant detective, known for her sharp mind and her ability to solve even the most complex of cases. Lady Jane had a particular passion for debunking the claims of fake psychics and occultists. She would often go undercover to expose charlatans who were preying on the vulnerable and unsuspecting. Her dedication to her work was unmatched and her reputation as a master debunker of the paranormal was widely recognized. One day, Lady Jane was called upon to investigate a case involving a powerful and influential psychic who was claiming to have supernatural abilities. Lady Jane used her skills and knowledge to expose the fraud and bring the psychic to justice. Her actions were widely praised and her name went down in history as one of the greatest detective of the steampunk age

Portrait of a Steampunk Gray Tuxedo Cat

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