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Sophie of the Night in the age of steampunk: She was a master thief known for her stealth and cunning.

Lady Sophie of the Night was an anthropomorphic cat living in the age of steampunk. She was a master thief, known for her stealth and cunning. She had a particular talent for breaking into the most secure of places and stealing the most valuable of treasures. Her name was feared by the wealthy and powerful, who did everything in their power to protect their possessions from her. But Lady Sophie always found a way to get what she wanted. One night, she set her sights on a particularly valuable diamond that was said to be cursed. Despite the many traps and obstacles that stood in her way, Lady Sophie succeeded in stealing the diamond. She returned home with her prize, but strange things began to happen. Lady Sophie soon realized that the diamond was indeed cursed, and she had to return it to break the curse before it was too late.

Portrait of a Steampunk Cat Lady

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