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Marjory didn't really understand how to have fun. She spent most of her days trying to evade the emotionless eyes of her China Doll smile. 


How was it that her mother didn't have proper functioning eyes in a face made with human skin?


When Ava moved in next door and invited her to play, Marjory wasn't quite certain what to say. How could she explain her mother's strangeness?


And, then Ava introduced Marjory to her ever so strange cat and Marjory felt as if she may finally have met someone that wouldn't judge, someone who could accept her family, despite its oddness, despite its lack of humankind.


Victorian girl London hoop stick Voodoo familiar cat China Doll Lady

Meet Me on the Corner, I'll Bring the Hoop and You Bring your Upside down Smile

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